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Garland Grow Bed Mini


Garland Grow Bed Mini
97.5cm x 51.5cm x 25cm

Product Information

At half the size of our original G94 - Grow Bed, the Mini Grow Bed still offers a more than useful half square metre of growing area. With a depth of 25cm, the internal capacity is 115 Litres. This unit is ideal for growing a whole host of crops such as carrots, potatoes and onions.

The Mini Grow Bed is sufficiently compact to make it suitable for use on patios, decking or even balconies, although such users may wish to purchase the optional liner. A liner is not supplied as standard with the product and is not absolutely necessary unless the product is to be used on non solid surfaces such as decking. It is also possible to extend an existing Mini Grow Bed - see Extension Kit for Mini Grow Bed.

Size Check: 97.5cm (38.5") Long 51cm (20") Wide 25cm (10") High Complete Kit

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